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"Hey are you awake?" Someone called into your room but you ignored them. "C'mon Ryuzaki wants everybody up bright and early." Matsuda, you loved the guy, he was a doll, except when he had to get you up in the morning. You hear him stroll into your room and stand next to your bed but you pretend to still be asleep. "Helloooooo?" He lifts the blanket up off of your face.
"Hi," you growl.
"Sorry to be the one to get you up." He smiled nervously still holding onto the blanket. "I promise if I was the boss I would let you sleep in all day, especially after how long you've been working."
You sit up agitated, and throw the covers off. "Why are you in my room?"
Matsuda stepped back straightening up, thinking. "I was trying to get you up..."
You roll your eye's and slide off the bed, you had on a long T-shirt and a pair of silky short pajama shorts.
Matsuda blushes and turns to the door. "I'll see you downstairs then."
He was almost to the door when you run and jump on his back, Matsuda stumbled forward but straightened up. "But I have to go wake up everyone else." He turned his head sideways to look at you.
"You can do that after." you say rubbing your face into his shoulder.
Matsuda sighed, "Fine." He puts his arms under your knees to keep you from slipping and began walking down the hallway. "Is this going to become a regular thing?"
"Yup!" You smile keeping your face planted in his shoulder.
You can feel him shaking his head as he trots down the stairs. You look up to see L sitting in his usual way in his spinning chair. Light was slouched in the chair next to L, his butt almost hanging off the seat he was sliding out of the chair so far.
Matsuda brings you to the chair next to Light and leans back to let you down. He lets go of your legs and you flop down into the chair. "Morning L." You wave.
He waves at you with a spoon in his hand without turning away from the monitor. You weren't ever supposed to call him L, but he didn't seem to mind.
You turn to Light who was sliding out of his chair, sleeping. "Did you guys have another all nighter?" You ask L, staring at Light's limp body.
L nodded. "Yes, Light-kun is a very weak person."
Suddenly in your mind the conversation twisted and went the wrong way, you can't help but bust out laughing and L turns to look at you. "I'm sorry," you stutter trying to muffle your laughter.
L stands up and walks over to your chair. You turn to the computer and start scanning the files, unable to keep from smiling. L pokes you in the top of the head with his spoon. "You owe me a piece of cake for that."
You roll your eye's and look up at him, "What do you want?"
He crossed his arms and lay them on the back of your seat. "There's a chocolate layer cake in the fridge."
You smile and shake your head. "Fine." You stand up and look at the Kira suspect, he was out like a light. You snicker to yourself at the clever pun and jog back upstairs. The kitchen was a floor above this one and a floor below yours. As you push your way into the kitchen you see Mogi at the table drinking coffee, looking at some files.
"Morning Mogi!" You say and give him a quick hug, he taps on your arm as it wraps around his neck in response keeping his eye's on the papers.
You reach the fridge and pull out the chocolate layer cake. It was already about half gone and you figured L would probably finish it off before lunch time anyway.
When you get back downstairs you set the cake down in front of your boss. "Happy?"
"Yes thank you." He pushed his spoon into the cake and pulled off a small piece. He holds it up to you, "Have a prize."
You let him shove the cake in your mouth and slide the the spoon out from between your lips. It had sort of like become tradition, you would get him food, he would feed you a small portion of it as a thank you and you would go about work like normal.
"That's so weird."
You and L turn to look at Light, who was disheveled and was leaning his face in his hand. "Well good morning to you too sunshine." You say sarcastically, slightly aggravated at his disapproving attitude.
Light pushed himself up into the chair ignoring you.
You turn your nose up to him and go back to your chair. "Spoiled brat," You mumble. You look at him after a moment to see him glaring at you. "What?" You ask.
Light shook his head and looked back at the computer screen in front of his face. "Your one to talk."
Your mouth drops open, "Hey!" You stand up.
"Hey yourself!" He stands up too.
You take a few steps toward him and put your finger in his chest. "Don't sass me Light Yagami." He was towering over you now.
He looks down at you and lowers his face. "Maybe you shouldn't sass me!" He pokes you in the chest too, but his finger was more on your collar bone.
"Light go to bed." L demanded suddenly. "And you escort him."
You look at L defiantly, was he mad at you?
Light sneers at you and walks around. You turn angrily and stomp after him.
You reach the hallway and climb into the elevator next to Light.
He looks at you as the doors close, "Why do you always have to make my life so hard?"
You look at him, "You're saying I make your life hard?"
He looks back at the doors, "Did I stutter?"
Your mouth drops open again, "Why are you in such a PMS mood!?!"
He looks at you angrily, "I'm a guy! I don't get PMS!"
You walk out the doors as they open, "Could'a fooled me."
He follows you out. "Right now it seems like your the one with the PMS attitude!"
"Oh please! Your the one getting upset because our boss fed me cake!"
"Maybe I am upset about that!"
"Why!? Are you jealous!?" You turn to look at him, putting your hands on your hips.
"I just might be!" He slammed his hand onto the wall beside your head.
"Oh yeah!?" you continued arguing not realizing that some of your responses weren't making sense.
"Yeah!" He yelled.
"Well too bad!" You turn on your heels to stomp away from him but he grabs you by the shoulder and turns you back to him.
You look surprised for a moment before he grabs you by the shoulder's and pushes you against the wall. More surprise as you stare at him. He looks at you, glancing back and forth from one eye to the other.
In one fluent motion he draws in close to you and locks lips with yours. Your in shock, but the kiss is so deep, your eye's begin to close. Almost mechanically, your arms lift around his sides pulling him closer.
He slowly drops his lips to your neck, he says your name and you stare at the ceiling relishing in the moment.
"Light," you whisper against your will, "I don't think we should do this." Immediately hating yourself for the stupid thought.
He ignores your judgment and pushes the door to his bedroom, which is right next to you, open and slides you inside.
Your conscience banged in the back of your head, but this moment was too rich to end. "Light..."
He walks you backwards toward the bed, walking around it you slide onto the side of it. He leans over you, kissing you softly. You push yourself farther back onto the bed, he crawls on top of you, his knees planted on the bed on each of your sides.
He leans down, kissing your neck again and you stare up at the ceiling, suddenly the moment was interrupted by L's voice.
"Either you have forgotten or you didn't realize how thorough we are with the video camera's." It sounded like he was speaking through an intercom.
Light lifts his lips from your neck and looks around the room.
"Just thought I'd let you know, I'm watching you from about 8 different angles."
You slide your legs together and pull your knees up.
"Knowing that and you still feel comfortable, please, carry on."
Light sat up on top of you, not actually putting his weight on you. He shook his head and slid off the bed. Grabbing your hand he pulls you up too.
As you walk out the door Light slaps the seat of you pajama shorts.
"I saw that Light." L muttered through the speaker. "So did your father and Matsuda."
"What!?" Light shouted suddenly.
L chuckled, "just kidding." There was a pause, "But seriously, Matsuda has been watching too."
I know it gets a little intimate, but it didn't go anywhere! Unless you want it to haha

anyway please let me know what you thought
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bblondiegrl07 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Pff haha! This was great! I was so happy to find a lovers story for Light, I thought he had none.
NobodyNaboru Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012  Hobbyist
Thanks! :D I'm so glad you liked it! Thanks for the comment! Oh, and I actually do think this is the only one... I could be wrong. *shrugs*
bblondiegrl07 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome!
Nope you're right, this was the only one I could find and it was really good!
NobodyNaboru Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Hobbyist
You're such a doll! Thanks a bagillion! That means so much!
bblondiegrl07 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome! Keep up the good work!
iChocoladeTaart Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Awesome, you're a pretty good writer ^^
NobodyNaboru Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2012  Hobbyist
thanks! and sorry for the late reply, I gave up internet for lent but thanks I'm glad you liked it!
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